Kennel Hantaywee

   Aloha Kakao Nalani AlmaFI 19612/11

   FI CH, DK CH, FIJW-11, NORDJW-11,NORDW-12, JWW-12, DKW-12
   HD A/A, ED/0/0
   RD, multifocal: found
   Severity of eye changes: mild
   Character test: 205 p
   Puppyplans: 2015/tai 2016 Male?

I’m 48 years old woman from Finland. I have my first Ruwhaar Aloha Kakao Nalani Alma and her daughter Hantaywee Chumani Nalani at home this moment. This Breed was love at the first moment when I saw it. I’m a very new Breeder and I have bred only one litter, Sioux-litter. Now they are 8 month old. It will be nice to follow them. Combination is Aloha Kakou Nalani Alma x Cripsin Castor de Ruwe Kempenaer.

I live in South-West part in Finland . I do with my dogs lot of nature activities. Everybody knows all ready, that I like to go to Dogshows. I look forward to see all of you in Nestendag/Fandag. And of course I’m going to see lot of gorgeous Dutch Shepherds. I’m member of:

Finnish Working Dog Association
Finnish Dutch Shepherd Club
Nederlandse herdershonden Club
I have examined course of Breeding 2012

Best Regards Birgitta, Alma & Titti

Birgitta Tuomilinna
+358(0)40 1916605 FIN