Ella, Cita, Bowie & Beatrix

From left to right: Elli (from our first litter born in 1993) Cita (from our third litter born in 1996) Bowy van Diepenalm, born in 1989 and Beatrix Esta v/d Bothof, our first Ruwhaar Dutch import born in 1991. I met my first ruwhaar DS when I was visiting my husbands relatives in Friesland. I fell in love and eventually, we found Rita and Hennie who helped us import Beatrix. Later, when we decided to breed her they also helped us in finding Bowy, who was 4 years old at the time we imported him.

   Bowy working at a herding clinic with the instructor, Bob Vest.

   Bowy at a herding trial working with me.

         Bowy in the wintertime.